People can’t help falling in love with video of elderly lady singing duet with Elvis during shopping trip

Uplifted viewers Can’t Help Falling In Love With THIS VIDEO, as an elderly lady’s day was made when she dueted with Elvis in the middle of a store.

Gazing lovingly into The King’s eyes, the lady, sitting in her wheelchair shopping cart, didn’t need a second opportunity to follow the lyrics of the classic, “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You,” and taking charming impersonator’s hand.

In a Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas, USA, the pair then shared a tender moment, taking the elderly lady back to her younger years.

Warehouse manager Don Luper captured the heartwarming moment whilst out buying supplies over the Memorial Day weekend, 2018 – an occasion, he said, that left himself and fellow shoppers in awe.

The Elvis impersonator was dressed head to toe in the famous white rhinestoned, akin to his days performing in Vegas.

As the video begins, he first rubS the bald head of a fellow customer, before catching the eye of the real star of the show, the elderly lady.

The King impersonator tied up his performance by tying his blue scarf around the doting lady and kissing her on the cheek; she then thanked him for the moment.

Don said: “I had ran to Walmart to pick up a few supplies on Memorial Day when I happened to capture this heartwarming moment; it made me happy to see such a sweet gesture.

“It seemed like the lady was taken back in time and was singing to the King himself – it had clearly made her day.

“The other customers around me couldn’t believe what they were seeing; they seemed like they were in love with the moment.

“This experience made me think of my own grandma and how much she was a fan of Elvis. It reminded me how much his fans loved him when he was alive and performing his concerts – it was nice to see that the love still exists today in his fans.”