Parred ‘ unoffical LFC mascot ‘ Dog allegedly refused entry to Liverpool match – And owner claims thats why club keeps loosing!


A furious owner claims his famous dog was barred from attending a Liverpool FC match – and puts the club’s recent run of bad luck down to the loss of its unofficial mascot.

Anthony Welsh pays £27 a year for pampered rescue staffy Princess Cleopatra Superchill to have her own Liverpool FC membership – and until recently she was yet to miss a home game this season.

The 55-year-old claims over the last 18 months he has taken the five-year-old pooch into Anfield’s family fan zone for 50 home matches without issue and she does not actually enter the stands.

But fitness instructor Anthony alleges when he tried to bring the dog, known as Cleo for short, into the same zone last month he was stopped from entering by stewards with no explanation.

The Liverpudlian, who said he treats Cleo as his daughter, said: “I usually get to Anfield about three hours before matches and walk around the stadium with Cleo so fans can take photographs of her.


“Fans always recognise her, they speak to her like they’re meeting the queen. They believe she’s a legend. They’re from all over the world and they love Cleo.

“She’s just a perfect dog, I take her to the biggest games and get stopped by people wanting to film her all the time. In the past I’ve even been stopped by production companies so they could take footage of her.

“I don’t want any bad publicity for Anfield but I feel like Cleo isn’t being made to feel welcome anymore.

“Liverpool FC’s slogan is ‘You’ll never walk alone’ but they are trying to make me walk alone without my daughter.

“We’ve lost our last two matches at home because Cleo wasn’t there. Cleo is a lucky mascot.”


Cleo has become a local celebrity since she was rescued by Anthony in 2012 and in the past three years he has spent £18,000 on the pampered pooch – buying her a £1,500 pram, convertible children’s toy sports car and all-terrain 4×4.

He often takes the staffy to events across Liverpool and beyond in the specially-made pram or on the back of his bike and she is a familiar face to people across the city.

But Anthony claims when he arrived at Anfield with Cleo on December 31 for the 7.30pm match against Manchester City the pair were turned away by a steward 35 minutes before kick-off.

He said before this they had walked around the outside of the stadium to meet fans as usual without an issue.

Anthony alleges his pooch frequently visits the club’s merchandise shop in Liverpool city centre and said just three days before the incident she had participated in a header competition at the stadium alongside other fans without issue.


He said he has now launched a formal complaint against Liverpool FC.

Anthony said: “I haven’t been given a reason for why Cleo wasn’t allowed in. That day stewards were being nasty and evasive, telling me I couldn’t bring her in.

“I was shocked because she had been going in all this time. I’ve been to the LFC superstore in the city centre and all the staff members there love Cleo, she’s allowed to go in there without any problems.

“Not being able to muster one single goal at home has cost Liverpool dearly at this time.

“Cleo has a calming effect on fans, she oozes positive vibes at Anfield and puts them in good spirits before kick-off so when they cheer on Liverpool they feel happier.


“I don’t know what’s going on at Anfield, but the way they are acting is terrible. Someone somewhere has put a spanner in the works.”

Liverpool Football Club declined to comment.