Painful moment a parkour junkie fails to do backflip and falls on his neck

This parkour junkie was filmed falling on his neck when his backflip became a spectacular fail.

Andrew Carter, 18, was trying to attempt a backflip in the backyard of his home in Tannums Sand, Queensland, Australia as friend Hannah filmed the moment on her mobile phone. 

Pic By Andrew Carter/ Caters News

But it seemed that Andrew, who has been doing the tricks since 2015, was a little out of practice.

He bent his knees and did a cartwheel before the flip, but went too high in the air and lost control before painfully landing on the back of his neck and shoulders. 

Luckily, the young lad escaped unscathed with not even a bump on his head. 

Andrew said: “I was trying to do a backflip as high as I could, and I went too high and lost control. 

“I came off super lucky. I had no injuries, not even a bump on the head. 

“My family and friends were scared and they were wondering how I did not get hurt or injured. They laughed and thought it was funny, though.”

Pic By Andrew Carter/ Caters News

Andrew posted the hilarious video on Instagram, where it was liked by thousands of his followers.

He added: “I wanted to tell them to train safe. They can learn any tricks if they train safe.”