One way to avoid rush hour! Heart stopping moment daredevil commuter train surfs to work

THIS is the heart-stopping moment a daredevil commuter train surfs to work.

Ricardo Afriika filmed the bold stunt on his journey to Cape Town and said it happens on an almost daily basis.

The trickster – known as Skate – is understood to have been train surfing for 15 years and was up there for nearly an hour.


Account executive Ricardo, 23, said: “I was just travelling on the train and saw him doing it so I decided to film it

“It happens almost everyday.

“I know the person doing it. He is known as Skate, he is 26 and works in construction.

“He has been train surfing for 15 years and does it almost every day.

“It is always on the same train and fe does it for pure adrenaline

“I have never done it myself. Skate does it because he loves it and does it as a sport

“He was doing it for about 45 mins

“These guys do it and know they may die from it but they basically do not care.”