On your head son! Spider amazingly rests bubble reflecting National flag  

 Eko Adiyanto/Caters News 

A spider looks to be wearing a flag coloured bubble for a hat in an amazing creepy crawly close up.

Eko Adiyanto, 43, from Narogong, Indonesia who teaches macro photography outside of his office hours at a service company took the images on his doorstep.

Pic by Eko Adiyanto/Caters News

Eko captured the amazing picture of the Indonesian flag reflected in a bubble on the head of a spider in his front garden.

Eko said: “The images show the spiders with a reflection of a red and white flag  which is the flag of my country and the symbol of the eagle pancasila also the symbol of my country in the head bubble.

Pic by Eko Adiyanto/Caters News

“I shoot them from a distance of about 8 cm to 10 cm and it takes a lot of patience to wait for the spider to pause.

“In the process of shooting, I was helped by my 9-year-old son and friend who helped hold a red and white background.