Ommm-g, now that’s a real downward dog pose! Comedian creates yoga calendar showcasing him and his rescue dog in bizarre positions

A comedian has created a yoga calendar showcasing himself and his rescue dog in bizarre positions showcasing what a real DOWNWARD DOG POSE looks like!


Talk about OMMMMM-G, these amusing pictures show a yoga-mad man and his pug Kimchee, 7, showing off their poses in amusing ways all over Los Angeles.

Alex Hooper, 32, from West Hollywood in California, USA, spent over 100 hours carefully planning and producing the 2018 calendar.

He adopted Kimchee two-years-ago with girlfriend Lauren Tassi, 32, after the pug was abandoned in Korea, previously used as a breeding dog.

While playing around the rescue pug lifted her into a yoga position, after realising how ‘majestic’ and ‘funny’ she looked he started making silly snaps of their poses.

Now he’s selling the Pug Yoga 2018 calendar online for $20.00 through a Kickstarter campaign and has been ‘blown away’ by the positive response from strangers.

Alex, a stand-up comedian who appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle II, said: “We adopted Kimchee from a Korean pug rescue, she was overbred and dumped in a shelter.

“One day me and Kimchee were both rolling around on the floor playing, then I lay on my back and lifted her in the air on my feet and she stayed there in the most chilled way possible, looking majestic.


“I showed others the pictures and was told I needed to start doing more, so we started photoshoots of me and her in crazy positions.

“For the calendar we went all over LA, our goal was to make a distinctly Los Angeles calendar, so posed in front of the Beverley Hills sign, famous steps and more.

“It easily took upwards of 100 hours for all the work between planning, getting the shots, making a video and more.

“February is a beautiful famous set of stairs in LA, I’m in a particularly difficult yoga position with Kimchee on me with a heart behind us – that picture it just took my breath away.


“For our cover-shot and June photo, I’m holding my legs with Kimchee on my back, my pink leggings on the green grass is instantly eye catching then Kimchee looks like she’s riding in a car with her arm out the window.

“December is also a special month because it was the first yoga pose we did together, we took the photo at sunset and it’s a beautiful image.

“Kimchee loved doing the shoots, she would get so much attention from everyone because we were shooting in public places.

“She is just an amazing animal, she came from dire circumstances and yet is such a gorgeous, strong and majestic little alien.

“She loved us having the time to bond, a lot of the yoga positions require trust from me to her and her to me, like when she’s balanced on me in a precarious way.

“I feel like there’s something extra special about our connection now, even if nothing comes of the calendar I have these incredible pictures of me and my pug.


“So far, we’ve had a lot of positive response and then hilarious one with a guy commenting, ‘I don’t support this people, terrifying’.”

Posing for the shots drew a lot of attention to Alex and Kimchee, with many people taking pictures of the pair and feeling like they were on the ‘red carpet’.

Alex said: “I decided to do the poses without a shirt and in crazy leggings, so when you’re in public places and tourist attractions you draw a lot of attention.

“Any time a shirtless man wearing leggings comes running in with a pug and stands there in a weird position we get a lot of attention and people taking pictures.

“I had to get over the embarrassment factor of it all, even as a comedian I still have some amount of shame so it was a bit petrifying at first.”

For every sale of the Pug Yoga 2018 Calendar, individually priced at $20.00, the team is pledging 10% to Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles.

The organisation helped rescue Kimchee from a kill shelter in South Korea.

Alex said: “Four years ago my girlfriend and I rescued our first pug, I never wanted animals by any means.


“I never liked them and they never liked me, I had animals attack me in the past – I believe they could feel my fear.

“I wanted an animal that was cute and silly, with pugs they are hilarious and I realised how sweet too.

“As soon as we first met, I was changed forever, I felt like my heart had melted and my relationship with animals had completely changed.

“I want people to know it’s good to adopt an older dog that’s been through some trauma or seems a little damaged, they are just as beautiful as the young ones.

“When I look at Kimchee, I see her big eyes, everything she’s been through and how appreciative of us she is as a family.”

Alex hopes the calendar will help people see the lighter side of life.

He added: “My goal is working on how I can make you smile or your daily life a little better,

“Everything is all death, destruction, then end of the world, with people always angry and mad.


“But having this hanging in a cubicle or bedroom could make people realise life can be colourful, fun, and really it’s your attitude that changes everything.

“I try to focus on that positive side of life, I see humans that are helping one another and things that make life worth living.”