Oblivious toddler isn’t very good at hide & seek, sitting in plain sight of dad using just a cushion for coverage

 An oblivious toddler proved he isn’t very good at hide and seek when he sat in plain sight using just a cushion for coverage.

 As Dave Williams played with his son Evan at his grandparents’ house on January 25, they decided to do the classic game.

PIC FROM Caters News

 Walking around downstairs, Dave shouts around to look for the two-year-old, but doesn’t have to go far until he’s greeted with his son sat prominently in the window of their kitchen, legs, head and arms clearly visible from behind a tiny cushion. 

Keeping up the pretence, Dave even ‘looks’ for Evan in the sink, before finally walking over to his stunned son who asks: “How did you find me?”

 Dad-of-two Dave said: I honestly found it hilarious when I walked into the kitchen and he was behind the cushion.

“What made it funnier was when he didn’t immediately pop out but kept peeping over the cushion while I ‘looked’ everywhere else.

“I can only imagine he was thinking that he’d found the best spot ever.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Evan has history for hiding in the same place every time, even having a favourite spot in his own home.

Dave said: “Evan has hidden in that exact spot on the previous five rounds that we had played.

“That was a new spot for me, and it really made me laugh when I first walked into the kitchen.

“He usually has his favourite curtain that he hides behind when we are at home, and again, he hides there every single time.

 “Often saying ‘daddy you count, I hide behind the curtain’.”