NZ dad turns home into racetrack – by building £8,000 track around house 

A motorsports-mad dad has spent £8,000 turning his home into a racetrack – by building one around his house.

Drifting enthusiasts often drive many miles to hit the track, but for fanatic Takeshi Teruya he simply has to step out the front door.

The 37-year-old mechanic, who is originally from Saitama, Japan, moved to New Zealand in 2007 and always knew what his dream home would look like – he just had to build it. 

So when he bought his first home in Hamilton, he wasted no time in turning his fantasy into reality and putting a 130 metre drifting track around the house – making him “the happiest man in New Zealand”.

 And while wife Yoshie initially wasn’t keen, she now loves that the couple’s daughters can also ride their bikes on the track. 

Dad-of-two Takeshi said: “I loved drifting ever since I learned how to drive. 

“It is more than just a hobby, it is my life.

Pic by NZ Herald/Caters News

 “But land is scarce and very expensive in Japan, and it is an almost impossible dream to even own a small plot.

“A few years ago, I attended the Leadfoot Festival in Hahei where the races took place at Kiwi motorsports legend Rod Mirren’s driveway. 

“That inspired me a lot, so when I came back I started planning how I could have my own drifting track at my house.”

Takeshi has competed in drifting competitions in Japan and New Zealand and clearly gets plenty of practice now in his Nissan Skyline 370GT.

He chanced upon the property after being invited to a housewarming, and bought the house and land package for $370,000 NZD (£180,000) in 2013.

Pic by NZ Herald/Caters News

But he was quoted over $40,000 NZD (£20,000) more to have the track – meaning he had to think outside the box. 

Takeshi found a recycled asphalt supplier and doing most of the work himself, managed to complete the project for just over $16,000 NZD (£8,000).  

 He said: “When I saw the plot I thought it was a good size to have a drifting track that goes around the house and then my thoughts went wild. 

“There are many petrolheads around the world owning a cool looking supercar, racing car, drift car or whatever, but how many own a circuit around their own house?

“That cost too much, so I had to start thinking about how I can do it with my small budget.”

Takeshi was lucky that the cul-de-sac was home to five other motoring enthusiasts, including Mitchell, a racing car fabricator.

Pic by NZ Herald/Caters News

So his friends were able to help him build the drift driveway and said they don’t mind the noise.

Mitchell said: “In a way, I was the one who encouraged him to go with his dream. 

 “He really doesn’t drift very often at home, and we really don’t mind the noise.”

Wife Yoshie, however, is not a motorsports fan, and said she thought Takeshi’s plans were crazy when she was first told.

But Yoshie says she has now warmed up to having the track and home and admits that she and their two daughters, Anna, three, and Sara, one, use it more than Takeshi does 

Yoshie said: “Who in the right mind builds a race track around your own house?

“He’s a dad, but it seems like he hasn’t grown up.”

“It is really good for the kids scootering and push bikes, so now we don’t even have to go to the parks.”