Now snow? No problem for extreme skiers who can show off on any surface


Watch extreme skiers perform the most jaw-dropping tricks which do not require snow.

Mates Juho Kilkki, Ilkka Hannula and Verneri Hannula who are all 24-years-old filmed their tricks for Youtube channel Real Skifi.

Footage of flying into juice cartons and across bridge railings was taken of the three students across three different cities in Finland: Jyväskylä, Oulu and Rovaniemi.

Aini Mäensivu said: “We started doing tricks on our skis roughly at the age of 10 and started making videos with the name Real Skifi a bit over 6 years ago.

“We want to inspire people to go see what’s outside the box and we want to find our limits and push them a little further.

“We get inspired by other sports and other people. We try to keep an open mind wherever we go.


“We know our limits very well so serious injuries are very rare for us but we’ve had some unfortunate injuries like a torn knee and couple broken bones.

“Smaller injuries are little more common.

“It may take ten minutes or it may take a full day to set up our tricks and if you count the planning and scouting it could be even more.”