Not that out of humpback! Hilarious moment cheeky fisherman goes skinny dipping with curious whale

Pic by Ollie Dousset / Caters News 

This is the hilarious moment a cheeky fisherman stripped off and went SKINNY DIPPING with a curious humpback whale after it swam over to greet his boat.

Ollie Dousset, 25, was fishing for snapper with his friend Joe Emmerton off the coast of Sydney’s Manly Beach when something much bigger came into view.

Being winter in Australia the rope technician didn’t have his swimming trunks so instead he threw caution — and his clothes — to the wind and took the plunge with the underwater giant starkers.

Stunning footage shows Ollie taking a cheeky dive into the ocean and swimming within arm’s reach of the 10-metre long hulking creature of the deep.

Ollie said: “It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was a cold day and I didn’t have my swimmers on me but I couldn’t let the opportunity slip.

“I’ve grown up on the Northern Beaches for 25 years and I’ve never been this close to a whale. I’ve always wanted to swim with one.’

“When I came over he dove down deep, did a roll, then came back up. He was super inquisitive.”

Ollie said he had watched the whale was frolic around the boat for almost half an hour before he decided to join in, and he didn’t regret his choice.

He lives on a cliff near the picturesque Collaroy Beach, where he watches the humpback whales make their migration every year.

Thousands of whales make an annual journey along ustralia’s east-coast from Antarctic waters to the tropics to breed during winter.

Pic by Ollie Dousset / Caters News 

They are currently passing Sydney as part of their annual northern migration, which begins in mid-May, and will give birth in warmer waters near northern Queensland, Fiji and Tonga before travelling back past Sydney with their calves in October and November.

But despite loving the experience, Ollie said he wouldn’t be chasing another close encounter with a whale again.

Ollie said: “I couldn’t believe it. You can’t even describe how they look up close, they are so huge and majestic. You definitely can’t tell their size from a distance.

“I’m happy to let them leave in their environment now.”