Not just a piece of cake – Cake artist’s incredible icing designs 

These designs are far from a piece of cake – with hours of work going into the complicated treats.

Cake artist Molly Robbins, 26, has spent the past six years perfecting her amazing designs on all sorts of cakes.

Pic from Caters News

She has decorated multi-tiered birthday cakes which include trains running around them, full-sized dress cakes, a super-sweet cheeseboard and even recreated an owner’s dog in icing.

Her ideas can take up to five whole days to come to fruition and she even has to borrow her mum’s car to ferry the larger ones around the country.

Molly, from Lancashire, said: “I got into cake art six years ago after completing a special effects degree.

“I have decorated all sorts of cakes since for birthdays, weddings, charity events and christenings.

Pic from Caters News

“The strangest occasion I had was being asked to decorate a dog’s birthday cake. They wanted a cake of the actual dog for its birthday.

“I love the creativity and the fun that comes along with the job. I get to do something completely different every day.

“The downsides are the long hours and the mess!

Pic from Caters News

“The cakes end up all over the country. We have delivered them all over Lancashire and all the way down to London.

“The larger ones I have to fit into the back of my mum’s car.”