Night of the loving dead! Bride and groom declare death-defying love with zombie-themed wedding

By Kim Reader

A wacky couple proved their love goes beyond the grave with a ‘dead good’ ZOMBIE WEDDING.

Blue Bailey-Hunt and Dean Pike shunned traditional white lace, flowers and sparkles for blood, brains and all things living dead.


The pair, who have always been into alternative fashion, punk music and piercings, shuffled down the aisle sporting undead-themed ensembles, with Dean wearing a harlequin print suit while Blue wore a bespoke skull-encrusted bridal gown.

The fun-loving couple, who managed to pull the whole wedding at East Dene mansion together in just seven weeks, also hired professional hair and make-up artists to complete their gory looks.

And it wasn’t just therapist Blue, 32, and butcher Dean, 35, who got into the zombie swing of things.

All 98 of their guests, including children Dexter Pike, five, and Zoli Pike, two, joined in the fun and dressed in suitably ghoulish attire on September 4.

Blue from Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, said: “The day couldn’t have been more perfect or more us.


“We have both always been alternative. We both love punk music, piercings and tattoos. Normal things don’t interest us.

“When it came to planning the wedding, everyone kept saying ‘make it your own, do what you want to do’ so we thought ‘alright let’s go for it’.

“We both thought a zombie wedding would be really cool. It’s always been really easy for us to agree on things.

“We knew we needed the perfect, gothic venue if we were going to pull it off and I actually called to book East Dene 18 months in advance without even going to see it.

“I saw the pictures online and knew it was perfect immediately but the organiser thought I was mad trying to put a deposit down without a viewing. She let me eventually.

“After we got that sorted, we just didn’t crack on with it. We’re both really laid back and kept putting off planning. We didn’t realise how much work it was going to entail.


“It wasn’t until seven weeks before the wedding, we kind of panicked and realised we only had a venue sorted.

“It was so full on. Once we got into it, there was so much we needed to do. We were completely snowed under with eight parcels arriving every day.

“We really went all out, every small detail of the day fit into the zombie theme.

“We never expected it to come together like it did. It was so much better than we’d dreamed. The execution of it was really down to all the people who helped organise it.

“We are so lucky to have a group of really talented and creative friends and so many of them offered their time, materials and hard work to help.

“Kim, my best lady in all respects, did so much. She worked basically flat out for three days before the event.

“The day was made by the mind-blowing kindness and incredible skill of our friends. We couldn’t have done it without them. We’re still completely blown away.


“The enormity of the event wasn’t squandered by the theme at all. The ceremony was full of hyped-up emotion and everyone was on the same page. It was the best day of our lives.”

Newlyweds Blue and Dean got together just over six years ago and got engaged in November 2011.

Despite leaving their wedding planning to the last minute, the couple managed to incorporate the zombie theme into every aspect of the day.

Instead of floral centre pieces, tables were dressed with skulls, candles and silver trays covered in silicone body parts and drizzled with fake blood – all designed by Kim Purton, Blue’s ‘best lady’.

There was a blood fountain of red punch and the wedding cake, created by Miss Dotty’s, was made to look like a torso with the guts hanging out.

The couple and 20 of their guests spent three hours in the morning having their hair and makeup done by professional artists.

And Blue was met by cheers from the crowd as she walked down the aisle to Rob Zombie’s ‘Pussy Liquor’ and stunned guests with her skull encrusted, backless gown.

The bride and groom’s rings were brought down the aisle on fake fingers on a surgeon’s tray.


After exchanging zombified vows in front of 48 friends and family members, Blue and Dean welcomed 50 more guests for the reception and performed a Thriller flash mob as their first dance.

All guests left the event with undead-inspired gifts including an axe engraved with ‘I killed it for Blue and Dean’.

Thanks to the generosity of their loved ones, Blue and Dean were able to pull off the ‘best day of their lives’ for £10,000 – less than half the average £24,000 cost of a wedding.

Blue said: “A few people had seen Dean’s makeup and costume but nobody knew anything about my dress or hair.

“I did the big reveal to Dean in the grounds. I came out from under a stone archway with a fire bouquet – Dean said I looked awesome.

“Coming into the main room and down the aisle was amazing. We had a smoke machine so I entered to Rob Zombie’s Pussy Liquor with a puff of smoke.

“Everyone cheered and whooped and I punched the air on the way down. It was such a lovely atmosphere full of friends and love.


“Coming down the aisle was the best experience. Of course walking back up it married was pretty good too.

“The whole ceremony was brilliant. The registrars were great and we wrote our own vows.

“Dean vowed to be my zombie slayer, superman and entertainer and I vowed to be his zombie slayer, wonder woman and organiser.

“The vows got a pretty great reaction from the crowd, especially when we vowed to love each other always and respect each other even when we’re wrong.

“The ring bit was great too. As we placed the rings on each other’s fingers we said ‘I give you this ring as a symbol of our awesomeness, may it remind you always of how awesome we are’.

“It was really laid back and fun. There weren’t any tears, just laughter.


“Dean and I were clutching and squeezing each other’s hands because of the enormity of the event but our happy vibe kept the tears at bay.

“The closest we came to crying was during Kim’s speech.

“She read the lyrics to the Nine Inch Nails song ‘We’re in this Together’, it’s my favourite. It was really touching.”