Mystery of abandoned antique junkyard, where antique cars are left to rot

This is the American car graveyard, where the forgotten remains of classic automobiles lay rusting into ruin.

The 20-acre junkyard tucked away in the woodlands of Arkansas, has housed wrecked luxury vehicles worth millions of dollars since the mysterious disappearance of its owner 20 years ago.

Once overflowing with rare models, the scrapyard is now a shadow of its former self at the hands of scavengers who have picked the shells clean for scrap metal.

US urban explorer Dax Ward, 37, was visiting his hometown when he fell under the spell of the post-apocalyptic treasure trove.

Dax, who now lives in Thailand, said: “In the age of antique restoration, is very unusual to see so many valuable auto bodies just sitting to rot.

PIC FROM Dax Ward / Caters News

“I was both awestruck saddened by the loss of such a collection, the remnants of which sit and rust on a hillside in rural Arkansas.

“The junkyard owner once took great pride in his collection, even having shot one thief and pistol-whipping another to protect his collection.

PIC FROM Dax Ward / Caters News

“It was once overflowing with vintage Cadillacs, Chevy’s, Buick’s, Oldsmobiles and VWs as well as a number of boats, bikes and camping trailers.

“Intact, it would be worth millions. But the owner has been MIA for several years.

PIC FROM Dax Ward / Caters News

“Nobody, including the local sheriff, knows his whereabouts. He left it all to be picked apart by thieves.”

Dax said local rumour suggests the owner of the park racked up gambling debts to criminals after spiralling into depression after the collapse of his marriage.

Some believe the owner may be laying low to escape detection from the authorities, but his fate remains a mystery even to those closest to him.

PIC FROM Dax Ward / Caters News

Dax said he gained access into the site from the owner’s childhood friend, who has been saddened to watch the once impressive trove fall into disrepair.

Now, squatters and wildlife are the only residents of the forsaken site.

Dax said: “Residents in the area are armed and pretty well-versed in the use of firearms, so trespassing on private property is not so wise.

PIC FROM Dax Ward / Caters News

“I was shown around the property by a neighbour who grew up with the junkyard owner and was once close friends with him. He lost touch with him five years ago.

“Apparently he left derelict the posh house and many vehicles, became addicted to gambling in casinos over the border in Oklahoma and worked up a severe debt.

PIC FROM Dax Ward / Caters News

“He said the people he owes money to are heavy-hitters, loan shark-types, which may explain why he’s laying low and avoiding interactions with old friends and even the authorities

“I could tell he was very frustrated with how things have gone with watching both his friend and his friend’s collection fall into despair.”