Mum of two catches ghost miscarried child sitting gin front of daughters summer house



A mum-of-four who suffered an early miscarriage and lost one of her twins has captured what she believes is the unborn child’s ghost playing in their garden.

Karen Ewart, from Macclesfield, Cheshire, was pregnant with twins in 2010 when she sadly lost one early in the pregnancy before giving birth to daughter Sadie.

However when the 38-year-old took a picture on Tuesday of her newly-renovated garden after completing the summer house for Sadie’s seventh birthday, Karen was left stunned.

The incredible image appears to show the legs of a little girl wearing pink trousers with her hands on her knees, clearly visible while sat perched on the edge of the patio, however she is transparent.

While Karen admits the image is a little ‘freaky’, she has also found comfort in the thought that it could be her lost twin coming back to be with them.


Hairdresser and printer Karen said: “I don’t know what the figure is on the image but my mum is quite into mediums and people are saying there’s other things in the garden too.

“My daughter was a twin but sadly I had a clean miscarriage during the pregnancy in the early stages.

“I thought it was quite cute because of how clear it looks like a little girl’s pair of legs. It’s kind of freaky but lovely at the same time.

“Mediums have said that they are getting the name Sarah when looking at the spirit of the little girl and Sadie’s name is actually a nickname for Sarah.”

Karen took the picture ahead of her daughter’s seventh birthday last Tuesday and has since spoken to friends and family about what the unusual spectre could be.


Karen said: “I don’t know what it is but it’s nice to think it could be Sadie’s twin.

“I was taking pictures of my garden then one of my friends pointed out the legs after I made the play house for Sadie’s birthday on Wednesday.

“It looks like there’s hands resting on the knees – I’ve always been quite spiritual.

“My son, Kian, has always been a bit freaked out in the houses that we have lived in. He’d say he could say the ‘nasty lady’ and we do believe in stuff like that. When we moved house, the nasty lady followed him here.

“Kian described the nasty lady as like a Voldemort-type figure. There’s a picture of when Sadie was younger in our old house and there’s a figure behind her that looks a bit like Voldemort’s face.

“I think it’s possible that there are spirits around us and I do believe in them.”