Moment base jumper flips eight times in five seconds during incredible jump

This is the moment a base jumper completes eight rotations in five seconds during an incredible jump.

Maurizio Di Palma, 38, from Italy, performed the jump off of the biggest wall in the south of Europe, in Brento, Trentino, and it was all caught on camera by Maurizio’s friend, Max Haim, in September this year.

The jumper takes a deep breath to compose himself before leaping from the wall and eventually opening his parachute, floating to the ground.

Maurizio said: “It was a very technical jump, multiple rotations in a short space of time.

“You have to be aware that you are very close to the cliff when you jump, but that you still need to use the cliff face as a guide.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Maurizio is a very experienced base jumper, completing more than 4,000 jumps.

Max said: “Everyone I work and film with is the best in the world at what they do.

“They are all professionals, base jumping for a living, and I believe there are only three other people in the world that have completed as many jumps as Maurizio.”