Minimalist artist creates intricate oil paintings of fairy tale landscapes on the backs of pennies

This self-proclaimed minimalist creates fascinating oil paintings on one of the smallest of canvases imaginable, intricately creating highly detailed masterpieces on the backs of PENNIES.

 Bryanna Marie, 30, showcases her talent by producing miniature oil paintings on the 19-millimeter-wide zinc and copper canvases – a skill that requires a steady hand and a finely bristled paint brush.


The full-time painter, from Tucson, Arizona, USA, reveals the picturesque landscapes through time-lapse videos, highlighting every detail she includes in the works.

These details range from cloudy skies over charcoal grey mountain tops to mystical forestry settings with crystal clear rivers running through emerald green trees.


The ex-tattoo artist receives worldwide attention the likes of private collectors and social media followers, and talented Bryanna’s works see the value of the penny grow by 60,000 percent

Bryanna said: “When I painted my first penny back in 2014, it just clicked with me and I immediately loved it.

“I can’t say that this comes naturally because all of my hard work as an artist has led me to this point. 


“Painting on a canvas so small does feel very comfortable to me, with the help of good lighting and very small brushes. 

“It takes me days to complete my pieces due to drying times on the layers of paint. 

“I always start with the background in my paintings and work my way forwards.”