Microangelo creates incredible miniature scenes in everyday environments

This real-life MICROangleo spends his days creating incredibly detailed scenes in miniature form using everyday environments.

Renan Viana makes his creations come to life through his photographs, as his handmade characters appear to be fishing in puddles, painting flowers, and skateboarding their ways through scattered leaves.

Pic by Renan Viana / Caters

The spellbinding works can take photographer Renan around two days to plan, as many of the elements in each scene need to be customized.

The going project – named “I Shrunk the People – has become so popular that Renan, 28, has amassed more than 100,000 followers on his social media channels.

The idea came to the Sao Paulo-based artist in 2014, when, having visited an antique shop, Renan discovered a box of miniature people.

Pic by Renan Viana / Caters

With these objects, Renan would then create miniature scenes and photograph them whenever he visited a new place.

What began out of intrigue, however, soon became a full-blown project, seeing the artist create more than 1,000 different scenes over the past four years.

As well as using his natural surroundings, Renan has also branched out into using the flowers, food and household objects in his work.

Pic by Renan Viana / Caters

Around his day job in advertising photography, Renan plans to continue to expand his miniature worlds.

He said: “In my opinion, what makes a photo of miniatures interesting is how to relate the figures with elements used in everyday life, easy to understand in size, capable of generating a question of what it would be like to be so small in a giant world. 

“The project continues.

Pic by Renan Viana / Caters

“Shrinking people is my daily exercise of creativity, where I can apply my ideas and play with what I feel like doing. 

“I’m so passionate about the project and it does me so well that I believe that making people happy is the ultimate goal.”