Meet the man who has grown Britain’s longest beard at an amazing two-feet in length

Meet the man who has been crowned Britain’s longest beard having grown it to an amazing TWO-FOOT in length.

Britains Best Beard

Michael’s incredible two-foot long beard

Whisker grower Michael Legge, 29, has spent four years filling out his facial fuzz to reach the impressive milestone.

Britains Best Beard

Michael has won ten awards after spending four years growing his beard

The dad-of-two from Rotherham, South Yorks, has mous-THRASHED the competition to win a host of hairy gongs.

Britains Best Beard

But despite not shaving, Michael makes sure his beard is looking tip-top with a range of grooming products

Joiner Michael, who lives with wife Toni, 24, said: “I’ve entered twelve competitions and come first in ten of them.

Britains Best Beard

Michael’s wife, Toni, has come to terms with the facial fuzz and has now stopped asking him to shave

“The last one I won was The British Beard and Moustache Championships in Bath in September in the Full Beard Natural over twelve inches category.”

Michael has an impressive grooming kit and styles his ginger locks in a variety of ways, from traditional to madcap.

Sometimes his sweetheart Toni, who he married 18 months ago, helps out after coming to terms with her husband’s wishes to be a bearded winner.

He said: “At the beginning she thought it was silly but she has grown to cope with it.”

Hairdresser Toni said: “I don’t really notice it any more, it’s not as good as kissing him without it but I’ve got used to it now.

“I know he won’t shave it off so I’ve stopped asking. When we get ready to go out he takes more time than I do, he sprays it with coniditioner oil and washes it every morning

“I feel like there’s three people in this relationship, there’s me and Michael and the beard.”

Next year Michael will be representing England at the world championships in Austria.