Meet the incredible Star Wars beer robot ‘RBREWD2’

This incredible ‘beerbot’ means you no longer have to move to get a pint.

Complete with an R2D2 type body and a wagging American flag tail, the little robot is both adorable and practical.

The brilliant creation can be driven around by remote control and provides you with both a frosty beer and a cute companion.

Pics from Caters News

The handy beerbot was created by Aviation student Jacob Pierce, who built the robot from a miniature keg and spare rc parts.

The 22-year-old, who lives in Kentucky, said: “I just love to build stupid things and make useless projects.

“My roommate and I both love Star Wars and were marathoning them. I would have used an American beer if I could have found one but the only mini Keg I could find was Heineken.

“I was watching Star Wars and noticed that R2D2 was sort of keg shaped and sized. My roommate and I thought it would be funny to build a Keg R2D2, or RBrewD2, that drive itself around.

Pics from Caters News

“So I went out and got a mini Keg and started tinkering. After a couple of hours we ended up with the frame and over the next couple of days we had a functioning beer bot just in time for the super bowl.

“The whole night we served anyone who asked for a beer by driving the robot out of the kitchen to them so they could pour themselves a beer (although it was all shaken up so the beer was very foamy).

“I built it out of spare metal parts and motors leftover from previous projects. The electronic speed controllers (esc) were from RC cars and the RC receiver I borrowed from an RC plane I built.

“I have not built a beer robot before, however I do have a good mount of experience with robotics.

“I am currently working on building an autonomous version of him then we will move up to full sized R2D2 with full Keg for a body.”