Meditating with dicks is the best way to mend a broken heart, says heartbroken 37-year-old

A dumped girlfriend created a hilariously rude adult colouring book – in order to get over her ex. 

Hillary Leben, from Chicago, designed the adult colouring book, called D*ck Doodles, after she went through a tough break up following an ‘intense’ three-year relationship.

And the 37-year-old says that despite the irony, drawing phalluses really is the best remedy for a broken heart.

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The colouring book contains smutty cartoons of men’s genitals which scorned lovers can colour in to their hearts content.

And freelance video editor Hillary has even  gone one step further and created a series of rude meditation videos she claims will help those who are interested in using mindfulness as a way of dealing with relationship woes.

Hillary said of her relationship: “We were together for about three years and lived together for two.

“It was an intense relationship; I wanted to have babies at some point so when it ended it was totally devastating.

“Most of the d*ck doodles were made during the break-up process; I was trying so hard to fix the relationship and had so much restless energy but nowhere to direct it.

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“I needed to do something with myself, occupy my mind, and that’s when the doodles happened.”

Hillary first met her ex, who she doesn’t want to name, in 2013 while at a Tango dancing class in Chicago.

The couple formed a relationship after experiencing an instant connection and moved in with each other after only six months.

The heartbroken 37-year-old said that the intensity of their relationship became its eventual downfall.

Hillary produced the drawings, which look like weird phallic-shaped objects with multiple heads, to overcome her sadness.

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But it wasn’t until she really got into the process that she realised she could use the images and meditate with them too.

And it was actually her ex who told her the drawings she was scribbling during their break-up looked like phalluses. 

The colouring book contains blank images that scorned lovers can colour-in to their hearts content.

Hillary said: “I was trying to be mindful about the whole break up situation, but I couldn’t take the mindfulness seriously.

“I started drawing the d*ck doodles and then producing videos with them and it ended up with me poking fun at the whole mindfulness process.

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“But it worked; I laughed and produced something funny, and I suppose d*cks are the best remedy for getting over a break-up.”

“I put the collection together to say, ‘if this can help me overcome a break-up, it can help others too.’”

Hillary self-published D*ck Doodles on Amazon, and her ‘meditate with d*cks’ videos can be found on YouTube.