May the porg be with you: Talented make-up artist transforms herself into new star wars fan-favourite, in incredible tutorial

This talented makeup artist shows fans how to transform themselves into the new Star-Wars fan favorite, ‘Porg’, in her incredible tutorial.

Move over Ewoks, because there’s a new adorable species taking the Star Wars universe by storm, and now, thanks to Shannon Cameron and her YouTube channel, ‘Shannonize,’ followers of the blockbuster series can now turn themselves into the lovable little bird, known as ‘Porg’.


Using nothing more than a few brushes and face paint, Shannon is able to completely convert her bare face into an almost photographic copy of Chewbacca’s lovable new side-kick.

Taking you through every step of the way, Shannon breaks down the process down into simple steps, making the ‘Porg-look’ a viable option for any fancy-dress party.

27-year-old Shannon, from Seattle, Washington, said: “When I saw the Porgs for the first time in the Star Wars trailer, I thought they were so cute.

“Their cuteness inspired me to make me to turn myself into one – I really like Star Wars a lot.

“It’s not particularly difficult to make the Porg face – it just requires a lot of patience and time to draw all the feathers.



“It took about eight hours in total, but it was definitely worth it in the end.

“I think I might try to paint myself into an Ewok next, those guys are so cute.”

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