Lego Star Wars characters celebrate a very magical Christmas 

The magical world of lego has been recreated this Christmas featuring characters from the Star Wars Movies.

Benedek Lampert, 22, from Budapest, Hungary, has been recreating Lego scenes, or as he has named it, ‘Legography’, since June 2016, and came up with the scenes showing what characters, such as Darth Vader and BB8, would be getting up to over the festive period.

Benedek Lampert/Caters News

Benedek said: “I started collecting Lego when I was a child.

“I made some attempts to take LEGO photos, but back then I hadn’t got enough technical knowledge and suitable equipment.

“The LEGO shop photo was the most detailed picture in this series.

“I had to create real lights which was a challenge, so in this case, the scenery takes me around two to three hours.

“For the lights, I used flashlights and my phone and I used semolina, sugar and flour for the snow and any rain I create with water from a spray bottle.”

Benedek Lampert/Caters News

Benedek has had some amazing responses to his creative sets made by hand with extra features, such as mini lightsabers, being added in photoshop.

He said: “I’m waiting for the first working miniature lightsaber and then I don’t have to use Photoshop.

“In unavoidable circumstances, I use Photoshop, which is very minimal and I always mentions this in the picture, as I believe that credibility and fairness are very important in my work.

“The people reactions are really surprising every time when I publish a new series.

Benedek Lampert/Caters News

“I think that LEGO is a universal language.

“The pictures remind children of their imagination when they play with LEGO and reminds adults of their childhood.”