Kentucky fried ch-ink-en! KFC addict gets fast food logo tattooed on her lip

A KFC addict has taken her love of fried chicken to the next level by getting the fast food chain’s logo tattooed on her LIP.

After discussing the idea of getting a tattoo with her parents, Tabatha Andrade said they warned her that she should only get inked with something that was ‘deeply meaningful and important’ to her.

Pic by Tabatha Andrade/Caters News

The 20-year-old from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, said she thought about it for a while – but was ultimately going to wait for the right moment to spontaneously get inked with the perfect tattoo.

And while on holiday in November 2018 Tabatha suddenly decided to take the plunge and tribute the food that makes her ‘happier than anything else in the world’ – KFC.

Tabatha, who works in banking, said: “I told my parents I wanted to get a tattoo, and they said I could get inked with something that was important to me.

“I was on holidays up in Queensland when the urge just suddenly came to me, and I decided to finally do it.

Pic by Tabatha Andrade/Caters News

“KFC is my favourite fast food. I go these at least once a week, if not more.

“It does mean a lot to me, so it seemed fitting to get this tattoo.

“I really love chicken. All my friends call me the chicken connoisseur.

“I even named my dog ‘nugget’, because I’m obsessed with chicken nuggets.”

The young woman – who also has another tattoo of the word ‘family’ – said she got the idea of getting a lip tattoo from Kardashian celebrity Kendall Jenner.

And despite looking painful, Tabatha said getting her inner lip inked ‘did not hurt at all’.

Pic by Tabatha Andrade/Caters News

Tabatha also hopes that her unique tattoo might help her score a free meal or two from KFC.

She said: “I have absolutely no regrets. It’s my favourite tattoo.”

“I got the idea of doing it on the lip from Kendall Jenner. It seems to be popular these days, so I just thought why not.

“I showed my parents when I came home, and they thought it was fake. But they’re okay with it now.

The tattoo artist laughed so hard when I told him what I wanted. “It didn’t hurt at all. It only took about two minutes.

“I love the shock I get from people when I pull down my lip and show them. It’s always so funny.

“It would be awesome if they gave me free KFC because of it. Let’s see what happens.”