Jumping on the bandwagon! Commuters take the rush hour train

If you thought your commute was bad then this is rush hour hell!

Taken by freelance photographer, Nazmul Hasan Khan, during the busy vacation period, the insane images give a whole new meaning to the word ‘overcrowded.’

Pic by Nazmul Hasan Khan/Caters News

Commuters can be seen dangling from the roof of the train, gripping onto metal bars, and even clambering up the carriages, using the windows as footrests.

In one image, holiday-makers and travellers completely cover the tracks at the Airport Rail Station in Dhaka, with hundreds more sitting on the station’s roof.

Pic by Nazmul Hasan Khan/Caters News

Nazmul said: “Most of the people in Bangladesh come to Dhaka to make a living, but during the vacation period they go back home to their families.

“There’s such a rush on the transport systems and even more so on the trains – they get extremely overcrowded with people, it’s crazy.”