Jaw- dropping footage shows man licking his own forehead 

By Katy Gill

While most people can barely reach their nose with their tongue, this man can actually lick his own forehead- but he tries not to do it often because he scares the kids. 

 Yagya Bahadur Katuwal, 35, from Urlabari, Nepal, works as staff on a local school bus and his amazing ability has made him a celebrity in his country after his friend posted a video of him on social media.


Yagya claims he has the world’s longest tongue and is the only person in the world that can lick his forehead- but has been warned not to show his ability at work , as the students get scared.

He said:

“I think I look great like this-I can cover my nose with my lips, lick my forehead and make the sound of bullet bike.

“If I got to act in a horror movie, I wouldn’t need makeup like other actors to scare people.

Pic From Caters News

“I want to set a Guinness World Record for being able to cover my nose with my lip while licking my forehead.

Puskar Nepal, who filmed the video in November, said:

“He’s physically and mentally fit- he discovered in the early age that he can lick his own forehead. 

Pic From Caters News

“He has just one tooth and that is what makes him able to do that-his skills are weird, yet amazing.”