It’s a full house for underwater poker game!

Two divers were shocked to see a group playing underwater poker on their ascent back to the surface.

The video, captured by Vital Bazarov, an experienced diver from Egypt, shows the group, who have placed down a mat, to play poker on the ocean floor, off the coast of Aqaba Gulf, in Dahab, Egypt.

Click here to view the footage:

Vital said: “We were at a depth of around eight metres when me and my dive buddy, having already finished our dive, were already on our way back to the surface, when met this group of divers.

“I asked permission to film and they said yes before we continued our return.

“They were quite experienced divers and as you can see on the video it is possible to play poker underwater, but it’s important to keep an eye on air in the tank.

Vital is a professional in the field of amateur and technical diving with personal experience of more than 5,000 dives.

He said: “One of the hobbies is the underwater video of various marine animals.

“The Red Sea is one of the best places for an underwater photographer, but to get the best shots it is important to dive alone.”