Is this the world’s weirdest hobby? Man travels the globe sticking his head incutout boards… and he’s done 3000 so far!

PIC FROM Caters News 

This man might just have the world‘s weirdest hobby – travelling the globe sticking his head inthousands of cutout boards.

By day, Tomoyuki Shioya, is an office worker but in his spare time he loves nothing more than seeking a out new boards to pose in.

Tomoyuki’s obsession started 10 years ago and since thehe has taken pictures of himself at 3000 of the stands found at tourist hot spots around the world.

His ironic deadpan expressions make the pictures even more hilarious and the cut out fanatic shows no signs of stopping – vowing to continue with his bizarre hobby until the day he dies.

PIC FROM Caters News

Tomoyuki said: “I always carry my tripod and camera with me.

“I work Monday to Friday until 5pm so if there is something open with a cutout in after 5pm I will stop by on my way home.

“I also go on my days off pretty often. Lots of the cutouts are there for a limited time only so I sometimes take paid time off to do it too.”

What started as a simple holiday snap quickly turned into an obsession for Tomoyuki, who has since toured Japan and even visited Taiwan and America looking for new photo opportunities.

PIC FROM Caters News 

He added: “The trick is not to get shadows in the pictures and to put your chin in first to position yourself.

“Lately I have been looking for more boards online as you might expect.

“I look at Twitter and Instagram because people are posting them more and more. My friends also tell me if they spot new boards too.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“I think the boards are an extremely effective method of communication.

The people who make them want to make people happy and people enjoy taking pictures with them.

“I think what makes theso great is that everyone involved in theis happy.”