Indian man makes £8,700 modified SUV dance to entertain crowds

An Indian man has become a star attraction at wedding processions and political rallies for his £8,700 modified SUV – which can DANCE.

Kamal Kashmiri has learnt a unique trick to make his black SUV move to the beat as onlookers gape in awe, by making his highly modified car jump on its front wheels continuously. 

Pic by Caters News

The trick has earned the 32-year-old fame and he is now invited to perform at weddings and other cultural events to entertain people.

Kamal, who spent his life savings modifying the car, said: “Whenever I am on road, people ask me from where have I modified the car. I get invitations from different parts of the country to perform. 

“People recognise me by my car. They tell me that they have seen my ‘dancing car’ in Youtube and news channels. 

“I have become famous because of my car.”

Kamal, who lives in the Shahadara area of New Delhi with his wife and child, has spent £8,700 modifying the car with a winch crane, imported tyres, alloy wheels and even an electric guitar. 

Pic by Caters News

He has also spent £2,000 on five Rockford Woofers, nine outer loudspeakers, eight speakers and six amplifiers for the best music. 

But Kamal says has no qualms over spending his life’s savings on the vehicle, as he now earns £270 a day from his car’s performance. 

He said: “I have spent all my life’s savings in modifying the car. 

“My family was shocked when I refused to give them a single penny and instead spent the huge amount on the car. 

“Around ten mechanics were used to make the changes in the car. 

“The bumper of the car is unique and is quite costly. The winch crane is added to be used in snow or moorlands. 

Pic by Caters News

“I have also installed an extra jack at the back of the car, lights to give it a stylish look, a music system worth £2,000 on the music system for hi-fi sound. I have imported the tyres from Dubai. 

“But because of all the accessories and modification, my car has become famous and I have got work. I am invited to perform at weddings.”

Kamal learnt the trick while on his way to Rajasthan few years ago. 

He has now been forced to hire a boy to protect the car from drunken crowds who love to take a closer look. 

Kamal said: “People enjoy looking at the dancing car but I have to be careful because men are mostly drunk. 

“They try to come in front of the car to dance.

Pic by Caters News

“It all started from Rajasthan. I was driving from Delhi. When I put on the brakes, the car suddenly jumped. 

“It looked as if the car is dancing, and I saw the villagers watching me in surprise. 

“No one had seen a car dancing like this before. I thought of practising this and after several attempts, I finally succeeded in dancing the car without any accidents.”