Indian barber uses razor made of gold to shave beards of his customers

This Indian barber uses a razor made of GOLD to shave the beards of his customers.

Ram Chandra Kashid, 29, who runs Ustara Men’s Salon in Sangli in the western Indian state of Maharashtra has spent a whopping £3900 to get his “dream” golden razor made from a jeweller.

With this money, Ram could have bought over 1100 normal razors, to shave the beards of people at his salon that he has run for the last 10 years.

But he says the razor was worth it as it has made him famous in the entire state within days.

Ram said: “I always wanted to do something different that will make me famous in the state.

“In 2016, a friend forwarded me the picture of a golden razor on Whatsapp. Since then I wanted to have it made but due to financial constraints I couldn’t get it then.

“I saved money for two years and finally got this razor made from a jeweller last month.”


Within weeks, the razor has made Ram famous with customers flocking to his salon from far off places to get their facial hair shaved.

Ram charges £2.2 for a shave with the gold razor, four times more than the normal market rate.

He said: “Everyday, apart from my regular customers, between 10 to 15 people come to the salon to get a shave with the gold razor.”


Ram, who quit his studies after 12th class and opened his salon to help his father to run the household affairs, says that the new initiative has not only made him famous but it has also increased his daily earnings to more than double.

He said: “Earlier, I used to earn almost £35 pounds a day but now my income has grown up to £80.”

A customer namely Amit Kumar says to get a shave with the gold razor, he had to wait for two days as lot of people are visiting Ram’s salon.

Kumar said: “To get a shave with gold razor gives you a very unique feeling. It gives you a royal feeling.


Ram, who currently uses normal stainless steel blades for shaves is now aiming to get special blades with golden coating over them made for his new razor.

“I don’t like using normal blades in this razor. So, I’ve asked the jeweller to get me some steel blades with golden coating over them. I’m sure, it will work and will make my customers feel very special.”