Indian barber sets hair on fire to give a great haircut!


An Indian barber has found an innovative way of cutting hair – by setting it on FIRE.

Nazim Ali, 48, has invented a unique technique for haircuts where he uses fire instead of scissors.

The barber, who runs Sahib & Sahiba Salon in Gandhi Nagar, New Delhi, has been a maverick in the business for last 27 years.

As the customer walks into Ali’s salon, he shows them a catalogue of different hairstyles to let them choose the cut they want.

He then begins the haircut by pouring flammable powder and an unknown liquid on the customer’s barnet, before setting it on fire with a lighter.

While the customer’s hair is still ablaze, the savvy stylist then uses a comb to style the locks into shape.

It’s surprising to see the man who’s getting the haircut doesn’t feel a thing and is placed on his seat comfortably.

“It looks dangerous, but it’s not. I did not even feel the sensation of burning,” said Ankit Sharma, a customer who got the fire haircut at Ali’s saloon.


“I was excited to know how fire haircut happens. I was afraid at first but then it was good.”

Ali’ technique draws a large crowd to his salon but only 12 to 15 people get the haircut every day for which he charges £3.

Among his loyal clientele are also little kids who only come to his salon to get the trendy haircuts.

He boasts: “Not only I get clients from from Delhi but men from other states also come here to get a fire haircut. Among the daily customers, at least 3 to 4 are kids.

“But I can’t take more than 15 customers in a day. So, whoever wants to get the fire haircut, he has to make an advance booking.


“I charge Rs 200 to Rs 300 for the fire-haircut which is four times more than a normal haircutbecause it’s a time consuming technique.”

Ali, who is running the salon for last 27 years said his unique technique has been received well by the people.

“I experimented this technique first on one of my students.  Then I started cutting hair of my loyal customers with fire and surprisingly they liked it. Soon, the technique clicked well with other customers and I dropped my scissors forever.


“Initially, they are a bit scared but they don’t feel any sensation once they get the haircut. Luckily, not a single customer has ever complained of the dangers of the technique.”

Ali is not the only barber who uses fire for haircut but he claims he is the only barber in India, who uses chemicals instead of a candle for the cutting the barnet.

“It is a secret chemical that I use for the haircut and if I share the information other barbers would start using it and I can pretty much become jobless, ” he chuckles when asked to reveal the name of the chemical.