Incredible trick shot uses a chopping board and couch cushions

This man is taking crazy golf to the next level with his trick shots wowing thousands online.

The talented pro-golfer has been honing his golf skills for over 20 years, but has only taken to doing trick shots in the past few years.

PIC FROM Caters News

Ryan Jahn, 23, started learning golf when he was just three – perhaps explaining how he manages to pop the ball up, across the couch cushions, down various chutes and off a chopping board before an incredible hole-in-one.

Ryan, who lives in Jupiter, Florida said: “This set up took about an hour, and then testing to see if the angles were correct took 30 minutes.

“Once I started attempting the shot it took roughly 30 minutes and it probably took about 40 attempts or so in order to get the shot.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I’m always thinking of ideas and earlier that morning I had come across a few different objects that I felt I could use and it just sparked the idea of setting up some dirt of contraption.

“I do feel like I’m naturally good at the shots – I have a lot of creativity and I am confident I can perform the trick shots.

“My favourite shot was one of my first ones I posted on Instagram. I Joe will the ball with my club briefly and caught the ball in my hat and tossed the hat up in the air and the ball fell in the hole.