Incredible moment bottled water instantly freezes when banged against table

 This is the incredible moment a bottle of water instantly freezes when it is banged against a table.

 Roderick Koop, from Anchor Point, Alaska, filmed the moment on a bitterly cold evening last week [Jan 13].

 The 60-year-old found two unopened bottles of water in his loft which had been left over from last summer and hadn’t frozen.

 But after accidentally knocking one to the ground, he noticed the unfrozen bottle suddenly ice over completely on impact with the floor.

 Amazed by what he saw, Roderick picked up the other unopened bottle and decided to record whether the same would happen again. 

 Roderick said: “I have never seen anything like this before.

“It was -8 degrees so I thought it was odd that the water hadn’t frozen over yet

“I figured there had to be a scientific explanation

“I had no idea what the heck I had just witnessed when the bottle fell and thought, ‘what just happened?’

“It was fun to see and I’ve really enjoyed sharing it with others too.”