In the upside down! Stunning girls visit bizarre upside down house 

These stunners took a trip to the upside down when they visited a house where everything is inverted – even the car.

Moscow photographer Julia Sundukova, 32, visited the incredible upside down house in Moscow, Russia, with friends Linz, 25, and Lyana, 25.

Pic by Julia Sundukova/Caters News

The bevy of beauties were excited to spend some time in the fun house – where the toilets, cupboards and even the car are completely upside down.

Quirky footage and pictures shows them exploring the bizarre location last month. 

Julia: “One cold early morning with two beautiful optimistic and very enthusiastic girls went to have some fun and embody some ideas.

“The first challenge of the Upside Down House was to locate it as it had the wrong address in Tripadvisor.

Pic by Julia Sundukova/Caters News –

“The second challenge was the winter chill, as everyone knows winter is not easy in Russia. 

“We spent about an hour inside.”

Linz said that the house disproved everything she had learnt at school but she enjoyed it. 

She said: “Upon walking inside the upside down house, the illusion continues because everything else is upside down as well

Pic by Julia Sundukova/Caters News

 If you’ve ever pranked someone by gluing a table, wardrobe or a cake to the ceiling, this house will put any effort you’ve ever made to shame.

“And this is the time you go back in time to when you had physics classes in school – as the law of gravity has been proved wrong.”

Lyana added: “It was interesting and fun although a bit dizzy.”