Pic by Jada Fitch/Caters News 

Birds are loving these cardboard houses decorated like country cottages.

Nature and wildlife illustrator, Jada Fitch, 32, from Maine, USA, created birdhouses which she stuck to her living room window to snap their visitors.

Jada’s photos of curious birds stepping into feeders that look as though they belong in a TV sitcom, will have you expecting a laughter track

Jada said: “”I’m a wildlife illustrator by trade and an avid bird watcher in my spare time so conveniently my desk is directly in front of the biggest window in my house.

“I wanted a way to get the birds to land right in the window, so I could get a good close up.  Then I thought, wouldn’t it be neat if I could put my own background in.

Pic by Jada Fitch/Caters News 

“They were made for my own amusement but because of the recent positive response online, my husband and I have been making and selling a waterproof collapsible version.

“For a few months straight I had been creating colouring book pages for grownups nonstop, and needed a break.

“I thought making a birdhouse would be a fun way to spend a weekend, and maybe get a few instagram likes.

“The birds in the photos are Black-capped Chickadees, and Tufted Titmice and are certainly the most common birds at my feeders.

Pic by Jada Fitch/Caters News 

“There is a little cardboard ledge on the outside of the bird houses, sprinkled with birdseed to entice them in.

“Occasionally a Downy Woodpecker or White-breasted Nuthatch will pop it’s head in.

“The houses in the photos are all small cardboard boxes with my watercolour paintings.

“In the original house, the broom is a twig and pine needles, and the chair is doll house furniture.

“I have a few bird feeders up outside the window, so I spend a lot of time birdwatching in between drawing.”

Pic by Jada Fitch/Caters News