Hilarious video of groom and groomsmen performing cheesy dance!

PIC BY TrCreative/ Caters News

This hilarious video of a groom and his groomsmen performing a cheesy dance for a stunned bride will crack you up.

Groom Josiah decided to sing a musical tribute to his new bride Hanna – but he had a surprise up his sleeve.

As everyone clapped and cheered after the song, his groomsmen took over the stage – joining Josiah for a cheesy wedding dance.

The group grooved to a medley of popular hits as they performed a hilariously embarrassing routine.

The cringe-worthy performance was caught on camera by wedding guest Stephen Diaz, at the stunning wedding venue in California.

Josiah, 21, said: “The dance took place after the toasts, and after I played a song for my bride.

“When I initially sat Hanna down she was very confused, but she caught on pretty quickly.

“Her reaction was the perfect combination of laughter and blushing – she loved it and had a great time, which was all that really mattered.

“It took two weeks for the groomsmen to learn this dance, with only about four set times to practice it.

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“It was pretty hard getting eight other guys together to practice a dance, without anyone knowing about it!

“I originally came up with the idea to do the dance as a way to make Hanna laugh and have a good time – I have a musical theatre background, so I’ve always felt that no celebration is complete without a show.

“Right as the first song came on and the groomsmen got on stage, the audience immediately started howling and whistling – I’m sure they knew what was about to happen!

“As the dance progressed there was a lot of cheering and laughter, which made it so much more fun to perform.”

PIC BY TrCreative/ Caters News

Stephen, 26, added: “After the song, everyone clapped and thought Josiah was done…but then the groomsmen came up and people knew something great was about to happen.

“Guests had packed that side of the room and everyone wanted to get their own video of the surprise dance.

“Everyone has been loving it!”

PIC BY TrCreative/ Caters News