Hilarious moment adorable four-year-old explains she wants 15 kids

Watch the hilarious moment a four-year-old explains that she wants 15 kids.

Esme Ava Marriott’s confides in her mum, Amy Foley, 29, about her future plans for children.

Adorable Esme, who loves nothing more than discussing her imaginary life, begins to explain how she copes with 15 children, including how she gets them to and from school.

After their comical discussion, Esme ends their conversation by replying to her mum, “yes, let’s get a brew.”

Amy, an aesthetics practitioner, said: “Esme is an absolute angel with a huge personality.

“She loves to pretend to be an adult and she tells me lots of stories, she pretends she owns a nail shop but all of her treatments are free which is really funny.

“I was really shocked when she said she wanted 15 kids, I hope she doesn’t count on me babysitting.”