Hilarious model seal pulls out a number of poses, even plays peek-a-boo

Kamila Kalinska / Caters

This wannabe model seal decided to pulled out a series of hilarious poses for an unsuspecting photographer.

Lying on the sands, the seal put her flipper behind her head, grinned, and even played PEEK-A-BOO with Kamila Kalinska, who was more than happy to snap away.

Kamila Kalinska / Caters

Kamila, 37, photographed the attention-grabbing seal in Horsey Gap, on the Norfolk coast, England, last month.

Photographing seals is always a fun experience, Kalia said – but she had never seen a seal change its poses so often as this one.

Pic by Kamila Kalinska / Caters

She had been walking along the beach with her husband when this particular creature caught the pair’s attention.

Kamila said: “This particular seal as she was being very playful.

“We found it very funny and endearing, hence I grabbed my camera and started making photos.”

Pic by Kamila Kalinska / Caters

Since posting her photographs of the seal on the likes of social media and blogs, aspiring photographer Kamila has received a number of positive comments.

She said: “I had amazing response to these photos – they made people stop and smile and in some cases laugh out loud.

“I loved how I managed to capture its playfulness and the way she wanted to play with us, as I became the one who was being watched, as oppose me watching the seal.”