Hilarious images of dogs who have ‘mastered’ the art of the selfie

Pic by Mark McQueen/Caters News 

THESE dogs appear to have mastered the art of the selfie – but it’s all down to some photographic trickery.

Man’s best friend has got in on the picture trend with the help of photographer Nicole Begley.

Nicole was inspired to take the “selfie” images after she adopted her Puerto Rican street dog Sato.

Pic by Mark McQueen/Caters News: Happy Pit Bull mix enjoying a sunny day Washington Square Park, NYC.

She trained her pup to hold out her paw before positioning her camera and taking the snap to look like a selfie.

Professional photographer Nicole then branched out using dogs from all around the world including France, Ireland and America.

The 40-year-old, from Pittsburgh, started taking the images earlier this year and said it isn’t long before the pets are “are selfie-ing like a pro”.

Pic by Mark McQueen/Caters News: This Boston Terrier came all the way from L.A. for his photo shoot in Times Square, where he stopped traffic.

She said: “The #selfiedog project started with my adopted street dog Sato.

“She’s the star of an image I’ve dubbed the best selfie ever.

“I trained her to give her paw and hold it while I moved it around to position it correctly.

Pic by Mark McQueen/Caters News: Take my picture! Apartment dogs in the East Village are always happy to be out for a walk.

“I began to wonder if I could create a #selfiedog with other dogs, turns out yes.

“Each dog takes a little bit of on the spot training, but it doesn’t take long until they are selfie-ing like a pro.

“This series was created in the summer and fall of 2017 and features dogs and locations from all around the world.

“Villages and chateaus in France, Pont du Gard, the coast of Northern Ireland, and my hometown of Pittsburgh.”

Pic by Mark McQueen/Caters News: Wheaten Terrier/Poodle mix enjoys some stroking and sun outside of NewYorks City Hall

Nicole – who used to be a  zoological animal trainer and showcases her work at www.nicolebegleyphotography.com  – added: “I think my favourite is #keepcalmandselfieon because of that dog’s expression with the insanity of her long legs.

“My favourite location has to be at the Pont du Gard, a Roman Aqueduct that was built around 40AD.

“I captured that image while photographing dogs in the Provence region of France while teaching a pet photography workshop to pet photographers from all over the world.”