Happy Snaps! Crazy new book chronicles world’s wackiest novelty cameras

Fancy a happy snap? Then try one of the cameras in this incredible series of pictures out for size.

Happy Snap Cameras

A He-Man themed camera

The amazing photos are part of a book project by Christopher D. Salyers and Buzz Poole chronicling the history of novelty cameras.

Happy Snap Cameras

A camera built in the shape of a Transformers toy

It features a model made of Lego and a snap-making machine that fits onto a pair of sunglasses for dogs.

Happy Snap Cameras

Snoopy -matic: A Snoopy themed camera

Christopher has been collecting the novelty items for more than ten years and the two friends search the world to source pictures of some of the rarer models.

Happy Snap Cameras

A camera encased by Lego bricks

Their book ‘Camera Crazy’ features interviews with the inventor of the Holga camera and those responsible for Lomography, who help explain Game Boy and Batman-themed cameras, as well as cameras specifically made to photograph cats.

New Yorker Buzz, 37, said: “Novelty cameras are hugely popular, in part because a lot of them are instant cameras and they produce a unique type of photos.

“But partly it’s just because people lovely Mickey Mouse or Heineken beer and want to get their hands on all the merchandise they can.

“A lot aren’t expensive at all and even the most collectible go for a couple of hundred dollars.”