Grand moustache-ional! Horse sports impressive whiskers

This horse would certainly gallop to victory in the GRAND MOUSTACHE-IONAL.

Gypsy cob April’s striking facial hair completely covers her top lip.

While most horses have short smooth hair right the way down their noses, 17-year-old April has enough facial fuzz to give plenty of men a run for their money.


The only downside is that after enjoying some of her favourite seeds she has to have her lip combed get them out and smarten up again.

Owner Lucia Urquhart, 47, says beyond a regular comb and a small trim every once in a while, April’s facial hair requires little upkeep.

While April gets plenty of comments on her unusual moustache, Lucy cannot imagine her horse without it.

Lucia, from Runcorn in Cheshire, said: “April was born with the moustache and it has just grown with her throughout her life.


“I don’t have to do too much to it. We might trim it to stop it getting in her mouth but that’s it really.

“The worst food for her is seed, which she has often, because bits stuck in the moustache so I have to get all of them out again. But she does enjoy a good pamper session.

“It’s an odd feature for a horse to have a mustache but I think it’s great and it suits her in a strange way.

“People always comment on it when they see her and find it novel that a horse could have a one.

“The moustache is a characteristic of her breed but not many have one as well defined as April. Her mum, Millie, has one but it isn’t as good.


“We do trim it every now and then but I would never consider fully getting rid of it.

“She would look so weird without it and just wouldn’t look like Alice.”

April and Millie both live on Orchard End Farm in Frodsham, Cheshire, and are ‘inseparable’.

Lucia said: “We originally got her mum Millie and we thought she was ill but then all of a sudden out popped April.

“She was a surprise, but a nice one.


“They are inseparable, they do everything together.

“If I take April out to be fed she won’t eat her dinner until her mum is out with her.

“They have a really lovely relationship and can’t settle until they are with each other.”