Glitter and tonic! Inside quaint distillery behind purple sparkly gin taking internet by storm

We’ve seen glitter boobs, glitter bums, glitter hair and even glitter slime but now it’s this glitter GIN that’s taking the internet by storm.

The purple sparkly gin has become the latest big thing in worldwide glitter craze – and it’s made by a quaint little distillery nestled in the grounds of a 12th-century country house in Poulton, Merseyside.

A social media post by The Wirral Distillery, which sits on the ground of Poulton Hall, saw sales of their Violetta shimmer gin rocket after it went viral, reaching more than 22,000 people.

And now mesmerising footage of the sparkly spirit, which tastes like parma violets, shows the magical drink in action as the edible glitter swirls around the bottle.

Gin lover Peter Golightly, who opened the distillery last year with Eric Healing, said the enchanting beverage was inspired by the recent obsession with glitter – and is all about ‘nostalgia’.


Peter, 54, said: “All we’ve ever wanted to do is make really nice craft gins that people love. That’s our ethos.

“So when we go out selling our gins we listen to people talking about what kind of gins they’d like to have and a lot of people kept mentioning the parma violet flavour.

“We already had a nice floral gin we knew would work as a good base for a parma violet flavoured gin so we started there and added the natural flavouring and colours to create the taste.

“Then we noticed that a lot of the places we were selling to were adding glitter into their cocktails. There’s been this craze recently for glitter so that inspired us to add the shimmer to the Violetta gin.

“It was the perfect combination really. The flavour of parma violets already gave people a great sense of nostalgia and so does the glitter.

“Since we launched the shimmer gin it’s been much more popular than the Violetta without shimmer.

“People love it. They love the way it looks in the glass and they enjoy the taste. People think it’s fantastic and that’s great. There’s a lot of demand for it especially since it went viral.”


Distillery co-owners Peter and Eric, 48, met back in 2001 when they both worked in corporate jobs.

The friends, who always shared a passion for good gin, started distilling it separately at home in their kitchens about three years ago.

But the duo teamed up in June 2017 to launch the distillery, which specialises in creating small batches of handcrafted gins, and business has been booming ever since.

Peter said: “About three years ago Eric told me he had bought a distiller and was going to start making gin so I thought I’d give it a go too.


“I have always been really passionate about gin and I wanted to create a gin that I really loved and started trying out different recipes. I had a eureka moment when I finally created this gin.

“At this point Eric and I were both just working away in our kitchens at home, using little distillers that you put on the stove.


“But you come to an age in corporate work where you’re ready for a bit of a change so we decided to team up about a year ago.

“The distillery is really great for us and suits our brand – it is quite pretty and quaint.

“We were determined that we would create craft gins that had some integrity about them and that’s what we’ve done – and business has been booming ever since.”

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