Glam teen transforms herself into nightmarish nun with horror film-inspired makeup



Watch this glamorous teenager completely transform herself into a thing of nightmares with her horror film-inspired makeup.

The spooktacular footage shows Alisha Pollard, 16, go from pretty fresh-faced teen to demon nun Valak from scary flick The Conjuring 2 in just 20 minutes – complete with dark veins, hellish yellow eyes and grimy black teeth.

Self-taught Alisha, from Goole, East Yorks, first delved into makeup artistry last Halloween when she dressed as a creepy clown.

And the usually-glam student developed an instant love for creating gory looks using fake blood, liquid latex and household items including cereal and coffee grounds – despite hating horror films.

Alisha said: “It all started last Halloween, doing my face paint I discovered I had a real passion for it.

“I bought a £5 liquid latex and a £1 fake blood and started teaching myself special effects makeup. I look around the house and think “What can I stick in my face, what can I turn into something gory?”.

“You don’t need loads of expensive stuff, I just use things like cotton wool, cereal, coffee grounds and face paints. Sometimes I even cut up old shoes I don’t wear and use the material.

PIC BY MERCURY PRESS/ALISHA POLLARDS - The spooktacular footage shows Alisha Pollard go from fresh-faced teen to gory horror characters.

PIC BY MERCURY PRESS/ALISHA POLLARDS – The spooktacular footage shows Alisha Pollard go from fresh-faced teen to gory horror characters.

“Every day I come home and I think about what I can do next. I love recreating stuff from horror films and series even though I can’t watch them.

“It’s quite ironic really because I really hate gore. I’ve tried to watch gory and horror stuff and I feel like I’m going to pass out but the makeup doesn’t bother me.”

After discovering her passion, Alisha decided to pursue it as a career and begun a one-year course specialising in special effects makeup this September.

The 16-year-old student spends every moment she’s at home creating new spine-tingling looks, which take between 20 minutes and four hours, before sharing them on social media with her more than 8,000 followers.

And the teen’s grossest getups, which range from gashes down her face, burnt off flesh and a bloody eyeball hanging out the socket, often get up to 4,000 likes apiece.

Ambitious Alisha, who would one day love to work on films and TV series like The Walking Dead, has been fully booked to do gruesome makeup for friends and neighbours this Halloween season.

Alisha, who is planning to go as Regan, the possessed girl from horror classic The Exorcist this Halloween, said her friends are eagerly awaiting her look for this year’s October 31 party.

PIC BY MERCURY PRESS/ ALISHA POLLARD - Incredible, gory mouth makeup.

PIC BY MERCURY PRESS/ ALISHA POLLARD – Incredible, gory mouth makeup.

But the teen said she often stands out in the crowd as most the girls she is friends with opt for ‘prettier’ costumes.

Alisha said: “It’s really exciting to be making a bit of a name for myself and college gives us so many great opportunities to work in the industry.

“Although everyone is always really shocked when they find out I am only 16.

“As well as college, I do makeup for people and have been insanely busy in the lead up to Halloween. I’m still trying to find my feet with it all but I’ve got such a clear goal in mind.

“And it helps that people are so supportive, especially my mum – she even gets all her friends involved with sharing my posts.

“My mum and I were always close but we’re even closer now. Because I’m so focussed on what I want, she is 100% behind me and wants me to do so well.

“All my friends love the gory makeup. They always try to help me out coming up with new ideas.

PIC BY MERCURY PRESS - Alisha Pollard, 16.

PIC BY MERCURY PRESS – Alisha Pollard, 16.

“Everyone is always asking what I’m going to do next and their excited to see my Exorcist costume this year.

“I am a bit different to the other girls I know though. They all go for prettier things like Mini Mouse and I’m there with an eyeball hanging out.”

While Alisha’s mum Colette Tune, 46, is supportive and proud of her daughter, she also gets a daily fright when she comes home and sees the teenager’s latest look as she is even more squeamish than Alisha.

Newsagent Colette said: “I am really proud of her. She is doing so well and the one this everyone finds so shocking is how young she is – it’s amazing.

“Sometimes I do come home from work and get a fright. I walk in the door not knowing what to expect.

“It makes me squirm but it is always interesting to see what she’ll come up with next.

“Most importantly, she seems to be enjoying it so I am just really excited for her. She is just fab.”