From naked decomposing dummies to monstrous murals – look inside this eerie abandoned haunted house

From naked decomposing dummies to monstrous murals, look inside this eerie abandoned haunted house.

Unlike other spine-tingling attractions this spooky site in Taichung, Taiwan, is even scarier because the cobwebs and super-sized spiders are real.

Left to rot after the theme park went bankrupt, all that remains are the nude mannequins that met grizzly ends alongside untamed nature and decay.

Whether the dummies were killed by a spike-filled coffin, hung from a meat hook or had their eyes gauged out, the decomposing faux-corpses still provide a fright.


The remaining guardians take the form of chillingly deformed caretakers, eerie clown-like fiends and demonic faces that watch over the site.

Urban explorer, Bob Thissen documented the derelict site in the dark and believes visiting at night made it all the more haunting.

Bob, part of the team Exploring the Unbeaten Path, said: “We thought it would be fun to visit an abandoned ghost house at night. You don’t get that opportunity every day. It’s a bucket list thing to do.

“The overall experience was the best. It was eerily silent. Normally you would hear some scary music, but the silence also worked well.

“From the ghost house, I liked the dead naked girl in the box with bars the most. That was the most detailed doll. It was at the end of the Ghost House, so they saved the best for last.

“It’s more fun because there are real cobwebs and animals are now real instead of fake.

“The spiders in Taiwan are huge and you might encounter some other critters as well.

“It’s way more fun to visit an old abandoned ghost house, you never know what or who you could bump into.

“The theme park went bankrupt. It’s now partly being used as a movie studios and parts are being reconverted for future movie studios.”

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