French swimmer flees across Thames – Mimicking escape from tower of London

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News

This ‘escape‘ is a towering achievement – as a Frenchman set out to prove he could escape if ever imprisoned in the Tower of London

A French long distance swimmer jumped into the Thames to make a getaway from the Tower of London – wearing nothing but a swimming cap and a pair of striped lags’ speedos.

Experienced swimmer Jacques Tuset undertook the challenge of escaping the Tower.

The Frenchman has previously swum across the Channel and the Gibraltar Channel, as well as trying his prison breaks in various other places.

Jacques uses the challenges to highlight the disease choroideremia, a rare hereditary condition that causes the deterioration of eyesight.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News

He was accompanied by photographer Alex Voyer.

Alex said: “Jacques has already escapefrom many prison islands all around the world from the ocean to the shore.

“He does it to highlight and raise money for the rare disease choroideremia, which causes vision loss and traps people in the darkness like a prison.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News 

“It adds an extra element of defiance that as a Frenchman he wants to escape from the Tower of London.

“It’s part of a his swimming in beautiful capitals of Europe.

“To pull of swims like this you need good contacts, and we know many swimmers around the world who can help us plan the route, where to get into the water and how to get out again.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News

“They also know about the tides and the currents in the river to watch out for.

“Doing this is very dangerous, and we urge others not to try it. We also do it early in the morning so as not to give other people ideas.”

Jacques fundraising is going towards which is helping children fighting the rare choroideremia condition.