Fox’in hell – Toddler swears at camera while trying to pronounce the word ‘fox’ 

An adorable two-year-old has been caught swearing to the camera as she tries to pronounce the word ‘fox’ 

Etta Wooldridge can be heard saying ‘f**k’ repeatedly as she points as her slippers which have two foxes on them. 

The short clip, captured by her mum, Rebecca, 44, has left the family in hysterics as her older brother, Felix, four, even tries to correct his sister, who is a triplet, by saying, ‘it’s not f**k, it’s a fox.’ 

Rebecca said: “I was showing Etta her fox slippers when she started swearing. 

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

“She was saying ‘f**k, f**k, f**k,’ over and and over again. 

“Felix then tells her that it’s a fox as though he actually knows that she’s swearing which makes it even funnier. 

“Thankfully her sisters, Amelie and Maya-Albertine, didn’t hear what she was saying as I’m sure they’d all have starting saying it. 

“It was too funny not to share and we’ve tried our best to ensure she knows the difference between the two words now.”

Rebecca shares her triplets antics on social media via their Instagram page @mummy_to_triplets_and_bro. 

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

She added: “I update the social media pages daily with videos and cute pictures of the girls. 

“It’s amazing to be able to share our day to day lives online and put a smile on other people’s faces. 

“Etta is the most mischievous triplet and is often caught up to no good. 

“We’ve had pen all over the sofas to paints all over their faces, there’s never a dull moment. 

“I was lucky that I had my phone on me when she starting trying to say ‘fox’ as most of the time I don’t get the funniest things on camera. 

“Having four young children is hard work but me and my husband, David, 49, wouldn’t change it for the world.”