Forget Wimbledon! Try wakeboarding tennis!

Pic by Christiaan Hart/Caters News 

Tennis wake boarding could be a new sport after this couple decided to have to have a go at this daring stunt.

Christiaan Hart, a photographer, originally from Australia but now living in Hong Kong, was attending a boat party, celebrating Roger Federer’s recent Wimbledon win, when he came up with the idea.

Christiaan said: “We wanted to have a bit of fun!

“My friend invited me and my girlfriend, Catherine, to a boat party to celebrate Federer’s win, the theme was tennisattire, I thought an all-white 80’s themed outfit would be appropriate.

“A few of the guests had attempted to volley and serve while I had taken photos but I thought it would be good to way to show it.

“The volley back and forth to the boat was a last minute thing actually, I wanted to see if it was possible and had been talking about it all day so decided to give it a go.”

Filmed in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, in July this year, the video shows Christiaan, with effortless balance, as he volleys the ball back and forth to his girlfriend on the back of the boat.

Christiaan said: “To my surprise it was easier than I thought, the hardest part was keeping momentum going on the board whilst focusing on the ball to hit it back to Catherine.”

“Having a tennis background helped.

“My friends were watching from the boat, cheering me on.”

 Pic by Christiaan Hart/Caters News 

Christiaan also described the social media attention he has had from the video.

He said: “There has been quite a few comments on my Facebook and Instagram pages, one even challenged me to teach her son how to do it.
Christiaan has had a passion for photography since a young age but has been living in Hong Kong for the past 12 years running a photographer business for the last four years.

The 37-year- old has now moved away from his time as a tennis coach is now photographing commercial projects and sports.