Flying fish – Tandem paragliders fish from 500 feet in the air

These paragliders are out for some real flying fish.

Kadir Mert / Caters News

Gliding over 500 feet in the air the tandem fliers cast their lines into the Black Sea below.

With a bait bucket hanging off the equipment and a cup sat on a picnic table between them, the two men film themselves trying to get a bite.

Despite being hundreds of feet above they action, they managed to bag four catches with their unusual technique.

The video was taken by paraglider Kadir Mert, a software engineer from Samsun on Turkey’s northern coastline.

Kadir Mert / Caters News

Kadir, 26, said: “I like the sky and the feel of the wind, so paragliding is my favourite hobby.

“I also like to try and do things that have not been done before, so while I am paragliding with friends I have played backgammon and had a barbecue.

“This time fishing seemed like a good idea.

Kadir Mert / Caters News

“We had a line 500 feet long and managed to catch four fish. It was surprisingly successful.”