Flaming hot wedding portrait shows embracing couple kissing in front of wall of fire

By Jack Williams

This flaming hot wedding photoshoot saw an adventurous couple snapped in front of what is seemingly a wall of fire.

In the main image, kissing couple Veronika and Andreas can be seen in front of the flaming backdrop – and the process to shoot the image was extremely intriguing, too.

Photographer Markus Hofstaetter, from Muckendorf an der Donau, Austria, said that he had been thinking about the shot for some time, and so was pleased that the couple were willing to be part of his idea.

Markus, 43, said: “They wowed and loved it.

“They told me the photograph is unbelievably beautiful and it was a great experience to do the shooting.

“This is what makes me go.


“I always want to make my customers happy and see sparkling eyes when I handover a photograph or a wedding book.”

Shot on July 29, 2017, Markus said the idea behind the main image came to him when he was shooting reflections of cars that had pin-striped flames on them.

“The fire reminded me of passion and love – burning passion,” he said.

As someone who shoots on collodion wet plates, the photographer needed to carry out a lot of research for a shoot that incorporated both flames and a reflection, as he would be photographing single exposure images.

Markus asked Veronika and Andreas to practice their pose for the image, as this would allow them to hold it for a number of seconds.

In the backyard of his studio, Markus set up the shoot with the help of local firefighters.

With Veronika and Andreas holding their pose and the camera on a long exposure setting, fire was carried on a large burning wick behind the couple, creating the wall effect.


Many safety precautions needed to be taken, Markus said – such as carrying out a dry run and making sure there was a material dress code.

In order to add a stunning reflection at the feet of the couple, Markus made sure they were standing on pond liner and the environment was wetted.

Going forward, Markus hopes to photograph a similarly ambitious image of the firefighters who helped him with the shoot.

He said: “It was a great feeling seeing my imagination come to life after the final shot.

“It’s hard to describe, it was a mixture of self-satisfaction and little proud of myself that all the preparation and planning paid off.

“I also was very excited to show the final result to the Veronika and Andreas.”