Fit for a king! ‘America’s Versailles’ 50,000 square foot mansion up for auction for massive £35M

A 50,000 square foot mansion – known as America’s Versailles – is on the market for a whopping £35 million.

Darlington mansion is situated in New Jersey, just miles away from the country’s city of New York.


The building boasts of 12.5 acres of land, 58 rooms and over 450 windows across the mansion, making it fit for royalty.

However, the property, which has been dubbed America’s Versailles, comes with a hefty price tag of over £35 million [$48 million].


But the lucky owner will be treated to a life of luxury – with two swimming pools, a personal spa, massage, beauty and exercise rooms, an elaborate wine cellar and their own private cinema.

Ilija Pavlovic, Owner and CEO of Special Properties Real Estate Services, said: “When Darlington was built between 1902 and 1907, hundreds of the best workers and best artisans from all over the world were involved.


“Over 200 artisans, craftsmen, and other professionals addressed every room of Darlington.

“They spoke different languages, but shared the understanding that they are all part of the exciting process of reviving a masterpiece that will stand out for generations to come.”

Kathleen Coumou, Executive Director, Christie’s International Real Estate: “The renovation of Darlington seamlessly integrates two centuries by protecting and preserving the original architecture and precious finishes while adding the necessary amenities and technologies of a modern high-end home.

“A walk through Darlington confirms that the seven-year revival definitely exceeded all expectations in elevating this piece of architectural art to new brilliance.”