Fathers castle hand built for son on the market for new chapter in fairytale!

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A devoted Father who built his son a castle has now listed the property for sale but the buyer’s heart must be as golden as their wallet.

John Lavender, 63, started building Highlands Castle in  Bolton Landing, New York State, USA at the age of 23 after promising his three-year-old son a castle on a whim.

After getting divorced, John told his three-year-old boy, Jason, that he would live ina castle after sharing an apartment with five other men.

And he spent the next 40 years and thousands of dollars fulfilling his promise to Jason – who helped his dad build the amazing building, which both father and son have since got married in.

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Now Jason is grown up with his own family, the father and son now rent out the castle to guests – but have recently decided they’d be willing to part with it for another family to begin their own adventures in.

After decades of labour and love, John is ready to part with his medieval style castle but he says the £10,240,000 price tag must be matched by a shared passion for the spectacular home.

John said: “People always ask me how long it took to build Highlands Castle but in all honesty I haven’t stopped since 1982.

“I know my wouldn’t have remembered my promise and I probably should’ve just proposed a log cabin but I was determined to stay true to my word.

“If someone does want to buy it- great, if not I’ll pass it down to Jason who not only grew up in a castle but was also married in it by my pastor parents.”

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The castle, which is listed for £10.2m by estate agents Prestige Property, would not look out of place in a Harry Potter film, with its views over the beautiful Lake George in New York State.

In 1978, divorced dad John promised his son, Jason a castle all the while they were living in a house-share with five other men.

Fearing he would be out of money to afford furniture by the time the castle had been built, John baffled friends by collecting gothic features before even buying the land.

He bought the land in 1982 and while the structural framework took just months to install, it was years before John and Jason moved from their tent into what is recognisable today.

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John said: “For me the most special thing about the castle are the views over Lake George which is one of the best in America, if not the world.

“I had no idea it would take so much time and effort but it was worth it. I would structure my day job  around my son’s school calendar to spend as much time with him as possible.

“I worked on the castle for months at a time and then I would go back to work and save a bit more for the next stage of development.

“When I told Jason I’d build him a castle, I never said he wouldn’t help and as he got older that’s exactly what he did and turned out to be pretty talented with stone.”

John says that even now he is still working on Highlands Castle which he is amazed attracts so many people from around the world for a break beside the serenity of  the Adirondack Mountains.

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John’s parents who were both pastors married him to second wife, Yvonne in 1992 at Highlands Castle before his sister and son also had their weddings held at the family home respectively.

John said: “We now rent out rooms to people from all over the world which is amazing to think these people have found our Highlands Castle online and have chosen to stay here.

“If anyone wants to buy Highlands Castle from me they must see it through the same eyes as I do and love it as a family home with the most breath-taking views.”

John has very much created a fairytale castle which Prestige Property in the UK is now offering a new owner to see out their happily ever after for more than £10.2 million.

Up for sale is the castle with two separate and complete houses in the grounds which both come with living space and two bedrooms.

Special features on the inside include the Great Hall, a theatre room with its own full bathroom, a library and the above mentioned Gatehouse and Guesthouse.